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Distributed Smart Space Orchestration


Marc-Oliver is chairing the security session at IM 2017
Marc-Oliver is demo co-chair of the CIoT 2017
Felix handed in

his BA on native VSL interfaces.

Marc-Oliver shares his eLearning experience at the Dagstuhl Seminar on Using Networks to Teach About Networks
CPS workshop

with Joseph Sifakis and Vint Cerf online!

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November, 15th, 2011: How can our research can be used in an office of the future?

Over the past years we created a distributed smart space operating system that provides a homogeneous view on heterogeneous hardware. Environmental sensors and actuators we find in a smart space become a cyber-physical system.

This video shows a demo application of our technology in a smart office environment. Using synergies by connecting formerly unconnected entities as we do in the demo can enhance productivity and save energy. We used a comercial environment as we see strong opportunities there.

We are always looking for research and development cooperations, so if you are interested please contact me.

If you have ideas how you can benefit from our technology - let us know!

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