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Distributed Smart Space Orchestration


Marc-Oliver is chairing the security session at IM 2017
Marc-Oliver is demo co-chair of the CIoT 2017
Felix handed in

his BA on native VSL interfaces.

Marc-Oliver shares his eLearning experience at the Dagstuhl Seminar on Using Networks to Teach About Networks
CPS workshop

with Joseph Sifakis and Vint Cerf online!

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Current and former staff of my group

Students I had the pleasure working with so far...

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Marc-Oliver Pahl Marc-Oliver Pahl
Distributed Smart Space Orchestration (S2O)
Autonomous Management of Things
Internet of Things (IoT)
Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)

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phd students (with Prof. G. Carle)

Ordered alphabetically.

Stefan Liebald Stefan Liebald
Reliability of Distributed Systems (PhD-2016-06)

Jan Seeger Jan Seeger
Smart Bridging of Device Heterogeneity in the Internet of Things (PhD-2016-02)

student researchers (diploma, master, bachelor thesis, SEP)

Ordered alphabetically.

Francois Aubet Francois Aubet
Machine-Learning Based Anomalie Detection in IoT Smart Spaces (BA-2018)

Eralp Bayraktar Eralp Bayraktar
Blockchain-Based Local Energy Sharing (MA-2017)

Fabian Buske Fabian Buske
DS2OS Service Management: RunTime Related Topics (MA-2017)

Deniz Celik Deniz Celik
Hierarchical Service Management on Unattended Nodes (MA-2017)

Lorenzo Donini Lorenzo Donini
DS2OS Service Management: Securing Services on Unattended Nodes (MA-2017)

Alexander Güssow Alexander Güssow
A Fully Automated Smart Space Testbed (BA-2017)

David Gogrichiani David Gogrichiani
Evaluation of Databases for the IoT (BA-2017)

Friederike Groschupp Friederike Groschupp
Crowdsourced IoT Data Modeling (BA-2017)

Alexander Hoffman Alexander Hoffman
Vision and Thermal Image Based Person and Gesture Recognition (IDP-2017)

Aidan Howie Aidan Howie
Multi Modal Smart Room Control (BA-2017)

Andreas Hubel Andreas Hubel
A Dynamically Extending Map-Based Interface for Smart Spaces (MA-2017)

Kirill Kldiashvili Kirill Kldiashvili
Testing and Reproducing Network Setups in a Virtual Laboratory

Florian Kreitmair Florian Kreitmair
Efficient Storing of IoT Data (MA-2017)

Markus Loipfinger Markus Loipfinger
Deep Learning in Smart Environments (MA-2017)

Christian Lübben Christian Lübben
Multi Modal Self-Adapting Smart Rooms (MA-2017)

Karthik Mathiazhagan Karthik Mathiazhagan
IoT security (cooperation with Philips) (MA-2017)

Matthias Mögerle Matthias Mögerle
An Approach for User-Assisted Creation of Semantic Indoor Models for Smarter Applications (cooperation with Uni Stuttgart) (MA-2017)

Sri Hari Raju Penmatsa Sri Hari Raju Penmatsa
IoT Middleware Customization (MA-2017)

Ivan Raychev Ivan Raychev
eLearning Correction Support (BA-2017)

student assistants

Ordered alphabetically.

Donika Mirdita Donika Mirdita

Florian Gratzer Florian Gratzer

Alexander Güssow Alexander Güssow
Experimental S2O spaces

Kirill Kldiashvili Kirill Kldiashvili

Felix Kuperjans Felix Kuperjans
VSL Smart Space Middleware

Maximilian Pudelko Maximilian Pudelko

Lucas Wolf Lucas Wolf
MOOC for Masters

Lars Wüstrich Lars Wüstrich
MOOC for Masters

former members

Ordered by the time they left (most recent on top).


Desislava Dimova Desislava Dimova
Socially Interactive Learning Materials (BA-2017-10)

Julius Polar Julius Polar
iLab eXchange platform (MA-2017-10)

Moritz Sichert Moritz Sichert
Virtualization of the iLab Experimentation Isles (IDP-2017-10)

Jeslin John Jeslin John

Beatris Burdeva Beatris Burdeva
eLearning Supporting Statistic Elements (BA-2017-05)

Felix Kuperjans Felix Kuperjans
Generating Interfaces for the VSL Smart Space Middleware (BA-2017-04)

Alexander Güssow Alexander Güssow
iLab2/ experimental S2O spaces

Victor Savu Victor Savu
The labsystem eLearningsystem (IDP-2017-04)


Florian Gratzer Florian Gratzer
Voice-Controlled Smart Spaces (BA-2016-12)

Sergiu Soima Sergiu Soima
Site-Local Smart Space Service Management (BA-2016-12)

Clemens Elflein Clemens Elflein

Simon Stempfhuber Simon Stempfhuber
Measurement and Visualization of Temperatures in Smart Environments (with Paul Emmerich) (MA-2016-09)

Elias Hazboun Elias Hazboun

Johannes Abel Johannes Abel
Synchronisation Mechanisms for Peer to Peer Systems (BA-2017)

Daniel Castillo Daniel Castillo
Enhancing Consumers' Acceptance of E-Mobility: The EV Smart Assistant App (with Prof. Peter Thiemann (University of Freiburg) and Roberto Guevara (Invensity)) (MA-2017)

Sina Schafaei Sina Schafaei
Video Cube

Johannes Straßer Johannes Straßer
Secure Smart Space Orchestration (MA-2016-05)

Anna Kropp Anna Kropp
Evaluating the Usability of the VSL by Implementing Selecting Representative Smart Space Scenarios (BA-2016-04)

Stefan Liebald Stefan Liebald
Caching in Context Centric Networks (MA-2016-02)


Jay Shah Jay Shah
VSL programming

David Gaßmann David Gaßmann
A Global Context-Model Repository (BA-2015-09)

Peter Gawronski Peter Gawronski

Philipp Härtinger Philipp Härtinger
Smart Device Making

Johannes Straßer Johannes Straßer

Lukas Grillmayer Lukas Grillmayer
Context-Adapting Smart Space User Interfaces for Mobile Devices (MA)

Björn Korth Björn Korth
Detecting Anomalies in Smart Space Networks
(External student from Uni-Bremen) (DA-2015-06)

Max Geissler Max Geissler
Assisted Creation of Smart Device Gateways (BA-2015-05)

Felix Weißl Felix Weißl
Securing Smart Spaces (BA-2015-03)

Felix Kuperjans Felix Kuperjans
new iLab-OS

Benjamin Beier Benjamin Beier


Bibek Shrestha Bibek Shrestha
Convergence Mechanisms for a Smart Space App Store (MA-2014-11)

Timm Böttger Timm Böttger

Markus Ongyerth Markus Ongyerth
Smart Space Scenario Implementation

Keyvan Kardel Keyvan Kardel
DS2OS services

Philipp Härtinger Philipp Härtinger
Implementation and Evaluation of Diverse Pervasive Computing Scenarios (BA-2014-09)

Milad Khanibeik Milad Khanibeik
Managing Smart Space Services (MA-2014-07)

Heeren Sharma Heeren Sharma
Security for the S2Store

Johann Dichtl Johann Dichtl
An Open Layers based User Interface

André Freitag André Freitag
Frontend for Video processing and publishing platform

Fabian Oehlmann Fabian Oehlmann

Deniz Ugurlu Deniz Ugurlu
Distributed Smart Space Operating System


Sibi Antony Sibi Antony
Privacy Preserving Distributed Encrypted Cloud Storage (MA-2013-04)

Nakul Chaudhari Nakul Chaudhari
Large Shared Haptic Virtual Environments (in cooperation with the electrical engineering department) (MA-2013-03)

Johann Dichtl Johann Dichtl
Development of an User Interface Prototype for Autonomous Home Networks (SEP-2013-02)


Thomas Szyrkowiec Thomas Szyrkowiec
Applicability of Secure Function Evaluation on Smart Space Problems (MA-2012-10)

Cuneyt Caliskan Cuneyt Caliskan
Autonomously Migrating Services (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm) (MA-2012-09)

Daniel Baumann Daniel Baumann
Assisted Integration of Heterogeneous Devices Into Smart Spaces (BA-2012-09)

Anatol Dammer Anatol Dammer
Improvements & tutor iLab2

Bibek Shrestha Bibek Shrestha
ePub export for the labsystem

Pavel Podkopajev Pavel Podkopajev
An App Store for the Home (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm) (MA-2012-09)

Sibi Antony Sibi Antony
Privacy, Improvements & tutor iLab2

Yannick Scherer Yannick Scherer
Model-Based Analysis of Reqctive Systems (BA-2012-05)


Martin Riedl Martin Riedl
Self-Optimizing User-Interfaces for Autonomous Environments
(Cooperation with Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf) (DA-2011-10)

Philip Lorenz Philip Lorenz

Ferdinand Mayet Ferdinand Mayet

Philip Daubmeier Philip Daubmeier

Andreas Hubel Andreas Hubel
Video processing and publishing platform

Manuel Scharf Manuel Scharf

Meyyar Palaniappan Meyyar Palaniappan
Labsystem, ACMP

Ismael Gonzalez Ismael Gonzalez
Development on the agent-based knowledge plane.

Dipak Sriram Dipak Sriram
Model Store, Verification, Creation

Deniz Ugurlu Deniz Ugurlu
Understanding User-Input in Home-Networks (BA-2011-02)


Carl Denis Carl Denis
Strategies for Hierarchical Knowledge Management (BA-2010-12)

Enrique Garcia Enrique Garcia
Autonomous Distributed Control and Management via MAPE
(Cooperation with Universidad de las Americas Puebla, Mexiko) (BA-2010-03)

Robert Franz Robert Franz
Advanced Model Enhancement and Knowledge Store Concepts (MA-2010-10)

Rene Brogatzki Rene Brogatzki
A Knowledge-Proxy towards SNMP (BA-2010-08)

Jonas Hölzler Jonas Hölzler
Intelligent Energy Management in Future Smart Homes (BA)

Mislav Boras Mislav Boras
Localisation in Homes (2010-07)

Ermei Cai Ermei Cai
Support Mechanisms for Model Creation (DA)

Malte Buck Malte Buck
A Reliable Scalable Secure Knowledge-Distribution Overlay (DA-2010-03)

Adam Wlodarcievic Adam Wlodarcievic
Infoscreen - A Touch-Based Digital Information System

Rene Brogatzki Rene Brogatzki

Stephan Günther Stephan Günther

Blaz Primc Blaz Primc
Authentisierende Adressierung in Netzwerken
(Cooperation with University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) (DA-2010-06)

Martin Veith Martin Veith


Jose Valerio Jose Valerio
Knowledge-Plane Mechanisms for Home Automation by the Example of Location Based Services
(Cooperation with Telecom SudParis, France) (FP-2009-10)

Alejandro Rodriguez Alejandro Rodriguez
User Interface Concepts for Home Networks
(Cooperation with Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona, Spain) (FP-2009-09)

Frederik Fischer Frederik Fischer
Konzeption eines Wissensoverlays zum autonomen Netzknotenmanagement (DA-2009-08)

Enrique Garcia Enrique Garcia
AutoInformation- and Configuration Service (BA-2009-03)

  • Overall amount of supervised students: 108
  • Doctoral Theses: 2
  • Master Theses: 25
  • Diploma Theses: 6
  • Bachelor Theses: 25
  • Interdisciplinary Projects: 3
  • Final Year Project: 2
  • Others: 45

PhD: PhD Thesis
MA: Master Thesis
BA: Bachelor Thesis
DA: Diploma Thesis
FP: Final Year Project
IDP: Inter Disciplinary Project
SEP: Software Development Project

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